Rob Stats
2021 SAG-AFTRA NY Local
Election Candidate:
#44 NY Local Board Candidate
#66 National Board Candidate
#150 Convention Delegate Candidate

I am a proud SAG-AFTRA member for over 14 yrs. Elected delegate in 2019. I hold a master’s degree in Administration. I’ve served on the Health-Care-Safety-Net Committee for over six years. I have developed a series of solutions to improve the financial status of our health & pension plans; reduce exclusivity & hold restrictions on principal performers and increase the number of job opportunities for working-class members in the area of background work. With your support, I will continue to pursue all options to improve SAG-AFTRA and provide equality for all members.  Please visit for more details on about the IDEAL NY slate and platform.

Mission Statement:

As a member of the IDEAL NY slate, my mission is to restore a balance of power and ideological diversity to the leadership of the NY-Local.  IDEAL NY candidates embrace compromise and are committed to working with elected members from different factions to reach consensus agreements in pursuit of the best possible solutions, representing members in all categories and classifications, rejuvenating the motivational efforts of our leadership, negotiate stronger contracts, and developing more educational and assistance programs to empower members.

Platform Outline:

My major contribution to the IDEAL NY Platform is the "The "Freedom of Choice Pension Resolution" (developed by Rob Stats) is designed to allow members to choose what pension plan their future contributions will go to.  Increasing the opportunity to earn annual pension credits and become vested in a more efficient manner.  For full details on the "Freedom of Choice Pension Resolution" click here. 

If elected to office I will work alongside other elected members to

  1. Improve the terms and conditions of all contracts in addition to the TV/Theatrical and Net-code agreements.

  2. Negotiate residuals that are more consistent, and better reflect the growth and expansion of streaming services.  

  3. Explore options to codify a national collective bargaining agreements for broadcasters.  

  4. Strive to secure better wages and increase the background count under all SAG-AFTRA contracts where applicable.      

  5. Develop stricter penalties, better enforcement policies and streamline filing procedures for late payments.

  6. Improved contract enforcement for issues that stunt performers face on a regular basis.

  7. ​Negotiate equal standards & protections for all members in the area of nudity and hyper-exposed work.  

  8. Establish coverage for Intimacy Coordinators under all SAG-AFTRA contracts. 

As a continuation from my 2019 campaign, the development of more education programs to support and empower members includes:

  1. Explore options to develop and provide more educational programs for members in the areas of:

    • Basic money management

    • Credit restoration

    • Affordable & alterative investment and retirement options (IRA's, 401K's, ect.)

    • Filing for unemployment 

  2. Explore options to develop and provide more programs to educate members on the benefits of investing in their own careers, and how to do so with limited time and financial resources (training, equipment, facilities, etc.)  

  3. Explore options to develop an “Understudy Program” for stand-ins.


Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions or comments via the Contact Me page.   


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